custom foot scaleDo Your Feet Need Some Support?

Custom foot orthotics can be very effective at treating a variety of foot, ankle, and leg problems, while reducing your pain.

These custom-made appliances correct for abnormal foot position and movement that may affect the function of your entire body. Similar to putting braces on your teeth, the use of custom foot orthotics can restore proper positioning to your feet.

At Chiro-Technology, custom foot orthotics are used for three purposes:

1. Correction of Foot and Ankle Problems

An example of conditions helped with custom foot orthotics include fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, or reoccurring ankle sprain.

2. Sports Enhancement

Even if you do not have an injury, custom foot orthotics can dramatically improve performance in almost any sport. Examples of sports that benefit from orthotics include running, weight lifting, and even golf. In fact, research has shown that your golf drive can be improved by an average of 15 yards with the use of our unique golf shoe insert.

3. Spinal Stabilization

It has been said that the feet are the foundation of the spine. Improper foot posture such as fallen arches, rotated ankles, or unequal leg length can actually cause or aggravate back and neck pain. The cause of your back pain could be in your feet. Traditionally, custom foot orthotics are fashioned with the use of a plaster or foam cast of the foot. This method is helpful; however, it only evaluates your foot posture in one position (mid-stance). At Chiro-Technology, we go one step further by using mid- Michigan’s only foot-in-motion computerized scanner. Unlike the traditional “cast” method, this advanced scanner accurately measures the posture and movement through the entire walking or running cycle. This more detailed analysis allows us to be more thorough, resulting in a more effective shoe insert.

If you are wondering if you could benefit from custom foot orthotics, take advantage of our free consultation. Just call our office at (517) 694-4972 and ask to be scheduled for a Free scan for custom foot orthotics.