Massage Therapy Can Ease Pain and Help You to Relax

Our massage therapists work closely with our doctors to make sure that patients get the most out of their treatment.
With or without a physician's referral, our certified professionals can be a welcome addition to your ongoing care (or as an effective treatment all by itself). Studies have shown that having even one massage therapy session can provide significant health benefits. These can include relief from physical fatigue, mental stress, and reduced pain. Besides relieving your aches and pains, regular massage can boost your immune system and elevate your mood.

Certainly relaxation end enjoyment are valid reasons for massage. However, research has now shown that a specialized form of massage called therapeutic or medical massage is a powerful treatment for many medical conditions. In fact, therapeutic massage is so effective it is routinely used in many top hospitals. Massage helps mitigate pain from past injuries, manage chronic diseases, and keep the body in the best condition possible. Routine massages are but a small investment in a healthy future.

At Chiro-Technology, our massage therapists are trained in both therapeutic and relaxation massage. In addition to medical massage performed in the clinical setting (which may be covered under insurance), our therapists are also available for relaxation massage without a doctor’s referral. If you have questions about whether massage therapy is covered by your insurance benefits, just ask our staff.

Types of Massage

Swedish / Relaxation Massage
The perfect escape from the stresses of your busy lifestyle. This light, gliding, rhythmic massage leaves the body rested and relaxed. The ultimate in full-body, head-to-toe relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage
Let go as your therapist uses slow, deep, and intense massage strokes affecting the belly of the muscle to assist in the relief of pain, tension, and emotional stress within the body. This penetrating treatment helps to increase circulation and flexibility.

Prenatal Massage
As a mother-to-be, you deserve additional nurturing and support during this special time in your life. This wonderful massage helps you to manage the aches and pains that you go through and will leave you feeling pampered, relaxed, and rejuvenated.

Sports Massage
The Sports Massage is intended for those in need of relief from recent injury or ongoing muscle fatigue. Athletes of all types will thrive from this fast-paced, invigorating massage.
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